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General Information
We take care of our real foliage from the moment it is sourced through to despatch.

When you receive your fresh Christmas wreath made with real foliage, your purchase will bring fresh fragrances of nature to your home. Our wreaths are made with real materials and will need a little care in order to maximise their potential once your receive them.

Below are a few simple ways to care for your wreaths to ensure they will keep fresh for the entire festive period:

Keep It Moisturised
The most important steps in keeping your wreath lively and fragrant is preventing it from drying out. We suggest you spritz your wreath with water every other day. Focus spritzing the water on the back of your wreath, rather than on the needles themselves. By doing so will allow the ends to collect more moisture.

Keep It Cool And Shaded
Choosing a place to hang your wreath or garland is key, you need to consider whether your purchase will be in the path of a direct source of sunlight or heat. These could both shorten the lifespan of your purchase drastically.

Keep It Ventilated
Wreaths tend to last much longer when kept on an outer door, as they prefer a good flow of oxygen to stay green and fresh.

If you would like your purchase inside, say for dinner, then storing it outdoors beforehand will ensure that it is fresh when it is needed.

Following these simple steps will allow your purchase to stay fresh for longer.